Everything English Academy is a customized English school that provides a wide array of English services targeting international students and native English Speakers. As the name suggests, it provides English support in all perspectives including, spoken, written, grammar, editing, and test prep.

While there are dozens of English academies, what sets us apart is the concept of CUSTOMIZED SERVICE. Each client receives a full assessment and personalized treatment according to his or her specific needs. Everything English Academy is not a chain. It utilizes a special kind of learning technology developed by the think tank of its founders that utilizes both the left and right sides of the brain. In children, it strives to develop cultural awareness and stronger logical thinking skills through what we call "accelerated learning". We call this the Narber Method.

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1-on-1 Lessons and Tutorials

  • 1-on-1 private ESL or EFL English lessons with a certified American standard English speaker.
  • Conversation/topic English lessons customized according to grade level and interest level of children grades 1-12.
  • Adult ESL/EFL conversation practice for accent reduction and speaking practice.
  • TOEFL prep.
  • Business English.
  • Presentation and public speaking assistance.
  • Adult education/ESOL/GED.
  • Home schooling tutoring and support.
  • Curriculum development services.
  • Accelerated learning K-12.
  • Specialized tutoring for Korean and Chinese students for entry into American universities.
  • Academic teaching materials for sale.
  • STEM classes.

Menu of Classes

Creative Writing: An exploration of imagination put to pet to develop characters, plots, and interesting story lines in a multi-genre setting for both adults and children, private or group tutoring. Elements of each assignment are designed to target a specific skill and develop the writing through the art of outlining editing, redrafting, writing, and peer-reviewed editing, and a final draft of the short story. Genre is the kind of story explored and can range from nonfiction, biographical, and theme-induced genres including fantasy, western, science fiction, and others. Students may choose which genre they would like to work in before starting tutoring. Creative writing is also available to work an existing short story piece.

Article Writing: an introduction to the world of journalism writing of reporting facts balanced with the angle of the story. The angle of the story is what makes the reader want to read an article and builds the credibility and skills of the writer seeking to be published in the world of journalism. Elements focused on include assigned topics that students must research and present their own story angle without losing the facts and realism of the event. Most topics are of recent occurrencestorylines.

Academic Writing: Introduction to the paragraph, the skeleton of the academic essay. Many international scholars struggle with writing in English as their second language. To build skills as a skilled and academic writer, the key ingredient is to master paragraph writing focused on the ten kinds of paragraphs including cause and effect, descriptive, instructional, and others. The trademark of this tutoring focuses on building better-thinking skills starting with understanding the purpose of each kind of writing assignment, brainstorming, and outlining before beginning the writing process. Following this, the students learn the art of the redraft and reviewing the grammar errors discovered in their first draft.

College Entrance Essays: Most western colleges require an autobiographical writing sample labeled as a personal essay or "college entrance essays". Other titles for this kind of writing exist. This kind of tutoring needs to be done one on one with a student and the professor to work on his/her/their unique strengths, life experiences, volunteering, and career objectives to explore and create the best way of showcasing oneself for the final essay draft. This writing tutoring is a "specific writing purpose" and requires intense redrafts and active participation by the student.

Beginning Conversation: Second language learners practice casual conversation topics and focus on expressing themselves clearly, building vocabulary, and improving sentence structures. Practice includes asking and answering common social questions, and talking about the self, hobbies, and daily activities.

Intermediate Conversation: Second language learners expand their vocabulary in greater intensity through reading short news articles and commenting on what they summarized from the article, why it is important, sharing their opinion about the topic, and relating some cultural story or connection from their own life experience to the class discussion (this is called scaffolding). Short impromptu speeches are explored in which the professor assigned a topic and the student shares their perspective on the topic in under one minute with no preparation time. Short speeches are also explored with the student choosing topics they are interested in and assignments given by the professor in which the student researches, writes, memorizes, and delivers a 3-4 minute mini-presentation about the topic not to just share their opinion but to educate the audience (informative).

Advanced Conversation: focused on more in-depth social, ecological, historical, and cultural concerns from around the world; more complex news article reading and discussion including science articles. Students may choose the topic they are interested in exploring with the professor's approval of the article to be read. Recording of presentations followed by in-depth analysis of speaking patterns, grammar errors, and developing better public speaking and presentation skills are focused on.

Business English: focuses on reading and writing business-related emails and interpersonal communication with coworkers as well as common vocabulary used in the business sector.

Special Topics: This is a class designed for the small group based on their professional or personal needs. Prior classes have been built around various science fields, mathematical vocabulary, communication and marketing, music industry, fashion and art world, and historical exploration.

Children ESL. K-12 classes are age-level individuals or groups. Each class focused on key vocabulary that is introduced using sensory enhancement including music, puppets, and visual aids to engage both brain halves. The Narber Method focused on accelerated learning for the child whose purpose is academic advancement in a multicultural, multigenre, and multi-themed environment for the overall development of a) thinking skills; b) building of logical thinking skills and deductive reasoning; c) mastery of core and advanced vocabulary using writing, reading, speaking, and listening activities; and d) personal expression of opinions and ideas to build confidence and clearer individuality. This methodology incorporates the most up-to-date second language acquisition theories coupled with an eastern/western fusion.

STEM classes for K-6: the exploration of basic concepts in physics and how the natural world works through the interaction with building models exploring three-dimensional shapes as well as other activities based on the learning objectives of the given students. New topics include robots, astronomy, quantum physics, dimensions, and black holes..

Business Coaching: a) help with a startup business or business ideas; b) business marketing ideas and advertisement development on social media; c) career development to find the best solutions for career evolution; c) job interview coaching: (basic and advanced). Basic includes training in how to answer 200 of the most common questions asked in general western job interviews. Advanced including analysis of overall presentation and image, tone, accent, and structure of question answers and helping clients evolve themselves into a more hireable version of themselves (this coaching starts out at 150 an hour as it requires the professor to do individual research, ongoing feedback, and analysis of clients including their professional image on social media, CV, and other variables.



Teaching with passion, she is the best English teacher especially for foreign students. She has deep understanding about Asian and other region's cultures.
Jaedon Cha
General Manager at Daesang Corporation
Seoul, South Korea


She is a marvelous specific English teacher that provides the most effective and necessary lessons for student needs accordingly. Also, she is a very considerable and well planned teacher.
Jin Kim
Education Management Professional
Seoul, South Korea


The World needs more tutors like June Narber.
Theo Ndagijimana
Student at Wingate University

Highly Recommend

June is a serious, hard working ESL tutor. She has a special method for tutoring intelligent children. I highly recommend her as an English tutor at any level.
Jinhee Choi
Professor at University of Seoul
Seoul, South Korea

Incredible Results

I have used Everything English Academy services and I was more than pleased with the quality of services I received. I did get an outstanding grade on the course work! June Narber has been a total lifesaver for me. She is very attentive, patient & reliable. Communication is great as well! Being a client of June, she made it her priority that I utterly gained excellent and incredible results.
Ellen A. Whitworth MPA, MTA
Durham, North Carolina