Multi-Degreed Professional Educator

Personalized online and in-person tutoring specializing in ESOL, conversation, writing, TOEFL, academic prep for K through 12 and adults.


Career Coach

With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, she is actively involved with a career spanning education, coaching, writing, and research.



June Narber has a multidisciplinary background spanning the performing arts, journalism, international development, education, and business.


Keynote Speaker

Expect the unexpected.

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TOEFL and other Test Prep.

Everything English Academy provides test prep for a variety of tests including TOEFL, TOEIC, SSAT, SAT, ACT, KET, BEC, and GMAT (verbal preparation).

English test prep is designed to aid the student to improve test performance to become familiar with the structure of the test, the type of questions and how to strategically answer them, and practice methods are explored. Each test is different so the methods vary accordingly. Our test prep instructors all have graduate degrees and many years of experience in both testing, grading, and teaching students test strategy. Our instructors all native born Americans who speaks standard English.


We utilize special training for one on one test prep to enhance weak areas whether they are speaking, writing, reading, or listening. Every student is different and we customize tutoring to strengthen the weak areas. Ongoing assessment guarantees that steady progress is made for optimizing TOEFL test scores.

Other test prep is optimized with an initial assessment of skills, test structure, and developing a study plan to meet the test deadlines. It is recommended that students commit to a minimum of two months preparation for any test. Remember, that most of these kinds of assessment tests are designed to measure a student's skill set in college level English performance in understanding lectures, interacting in English, and writing at a college level. There are no short cuts but thorough skill development, the core abilities will enhance all future English communications in college, business, and any other aspect.