Motivational/Keynote Speaking

Expect the unexpected.

Motivational/Keynote Speaker

With her diverse international and multicultural background, June brings a touch of the exotic to motivational speaking drawing upon humor, insight, and purpose that is customized for each speaking engagement. Unlike speakers that draw upon raw humor, repetitive presentations, or the expected, with June, you can expect the UNEXPECTED. She will warm up an audience for any business, nonprofit, or educational conference with an unforgettable presentation/performance. The focus is on the organization and the purpose of the given conference, meeting, event, or symposium.

Motivational Speaker

Keynote Themes

Political: As a conservative patriot, she can trigger a new love for America’s founding fathers, traditions, and great American history using humor, facts, and a intense love for this great nation. Customized presentations are also available upon request.

Christian: As a Christian, she centralizes her message around God’s love for the creation, His master plan for His human children, and the Bible as His master instruction book. With God, all things are possible. She can also create a presentation focused on any meeting’s theme or purpose.

Business: Capturing the theme of the great American work ethic, she reconstructs great examples of entrepreneurship from America’s history.

Nonprofits: Themes for nonprofits are centralized to the given organization’s meeting and purpose.